Wrap-up June // Which was great bloggingwise

June was a rather calm month, as far as I can tell. Looking back at it, not much happened, if I’m being honest. Even as I’m writing this, I cannot think of much.

♣️ I’ve had a week of holiday this month. I didn’t do much but it was really needed. Besides catching up on all the things that I didn’t have time for during the week – like getting a haircut, going to get some official papers and stuff – I really took time to relax. I really needed this holiday, since I’ve started to get scatterbrained and forgetful and I tell you guys, don’t collect your vacation days without ever taking them. Even if you do nothing, like me, you can definitely benefit from destressing.

♣️ I’ve launched the new design of the blog. It’s been up for about a month now. I’m so happy with it. What do you guys think? Is it pretty?

♣️ I’ve really bettered myself when it comes to blogging. I’m so happy with all the posts I made this month. Granted, I didn’t write anything during my week of holiday but still. It’s much more than I did the last couple of months.

📖physical copy
💥 graphic novel
👽science fiction
TitleAuthorSeriesGenreFormatwith me sinceReread?RatingCover
The Girl in Wooden ArmourConrad Mason🐣🐉 📱 10.04.2021NO4⭐️The Girl in Wooden Armour by Conrad Mason
How to train your dragonCressida CowellHow to train your dragon #1🐣🐉 📱 07.06.2021NO5⭐️How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell
Where there is a willBeth Corby🐥💗 📱 21.07.2021NO4⭐️Where There's a Will by Beth Corby
Leave it to fateBeth Corby🐥💗 📱 21.07.2021NO4⭐️Leave It to Fate by Beth Corby
The Never Have I Ever ClubMary Jane Baker🐥💗 📱 26.07.2021NO2,5⭐️The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker
How to be a pirateJake BurtHow to train your dragon #2🐣🐉 📱 10.06.2021NO5⭐️How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell

There are a lot of reviews for these books that I still have to write. I’m super excited though. It’s not a chore, writing them all. 🙂

I was super busy writing reviews this month! Well, mostly because I was part of so many blogtours that I had to. (That’s not something I’m gonna do again, that’s much too much stress for me, reading so many books that I HAVE to read.) Anyway, here are the reviews.

Top Five Reasons to read Just Pretend by Tori Sharp

Blogtour “Shards of Earth” by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Blogtour “Instructions for Dancing” by Nicola Yoon

Blogtour “The Mostly Invisible Boy” by AJ Vanderhorst

Can you believe that I actually wrote something else this month? I managed TWO (!) discussion posts! I’m super proud. Here you can take a look.

Let’s talk bookish – The “Not like other girls” trope

Physical vs ebook – The Battle Royal via all the pros and cons I could think of

Have I read the books from the Possibility Pile?

I mean….I read Girl Giant and the Monkey King. It’s one book, so it counts!!!

Did I reach my goals?

🦊 Goal 1 – Read and review eArcs/blogtour books ✔️

I definitely did that! I managed all of the ones for the blogtour! Super proud of me here! 🎉

🦊 Goal 2 – Read at least 3 books from the tbr ✔️

Yes. I did. I think. I mean, can somebody tell me when you can actually consider a book a tbr book? Right from when you bought it? Or only a month later? When does a book stop being a new book?

🦊 Goal 3 – Carry the book boxes down to the cellar ✖️

Yeah…that box did not move at all. It’s still in the same spot and I just kinda walk around it.

🦊 Goal 4 – Read a book with a LGBTQ+ character ✔️ ✖️

You know, that’s the reason why I don’t make tbrs. I just don’t stick to the things. I did not read a book with a LGBTQ+ main character but there were some side characters that fit. Does it still count? I guess?

🦊 Goal 5 – Finish making the blog shiny and new ✔️

It is! It’s shiny and new and I love it so much. 🎉

How was your month, friends? What did you do and what did you read and how are you?

3 thoughts on “Wrap-up June // Which was great bloggingwise

    1. Yeah, I really needed it. I did basically nothing the whole time and feel so much more relaxed and focused now. 🙂
      I hope you had a great month too!


      1. I did have a good month, thanks! Though the days I took off in June were used mostly to catch up on health appointments that were procrastinated due to COVID. Necessary, but not exactly relaxing. 🙂


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