September Wrap-up // Do you remember? The 21th night of September?

Hello, sweet peas and welcome to another wrap-up.
I won’t even try to tell you how times fly and stuff. I also cannot for the life of me remember what really happened that month. (Besides my little sister’s birthday. But that’s pretty much it.)

That’s the reason why I will go straight to the Books I’ve read section. 😉

📖physical copy
💥graphic novel
The Potion DiariesAmy AlwardThe Potion Diaries #1YA📱4⭐️23344222
The Spirit HuntersEllen OhSpirit Hunters #1Middlegrade Horror📱4⭐️25117605
Teen Titans: Beast BoyKami Garcia, Gabriel Picolo Teen Titans #2📱💥4⭐️46127757
Tilly and the BookwanderersAnna JamesPages & Co. #1Middlegrade Fantasy📱4⭐️41713778. sy475
Sky SongAbi ElphinstoneMiddlegrade Fantasy📖5⭐️36653792. sy475
Keeper of the Lost CitiesShannon MessengerKeeper of the Lost Cities #1Middlegrade Fantasy📱4⭐️12842828
ExileShannon MessengerKeeper of the Lost Cities #2Middlegrade Fantasy📱4⭐️13260670
Love LocksCory MartinRomance📱3⭐️53387456
Dragon MountainKatie & Kevin TsangDragon Realm #1Middlegrade Fantasy📖3⭐️53496204. sy475
Winter MagicAbi Elphinstone aoFantasy📖4⭐️36689281. sy475

Do you see a trend? I do and it’s ebooks. Lately I’ve been reading much more ebooks on my phone because it’s incredibly convenient. (It’s also quite easy to pop open the Kindle reader on the browser in a quiet minute at the office and continue there. But psssst.) I’ve also read a lot of Middlegrade Fantasy but there is really no surprise there, is there?

Did you seriously come here and expect me to admit how many books I’ve bought this month? Because there were lots. Again. And I’m currently working at a new Down the Rabbithole post, so stay tuned. Or something. No idea. What do you say in that case? Keep your eyes peeled? (I don’t really like that expression. It sounds so brutal.)

Anyway, have some pictures instead.

Hey, I think there are more reviews here than last month! YAY!🎉🎉🎉
Seriously though, I’m really trying.

Review “The Potion Diaries”

Review “Spirit Hunters”

Review “Dead Voices”

Okay, technically, I think the Blogtour last month did also count as a review, so we are tied. But one day, one day I will make it!!!

I’m actually quite proud of the other two posts I wrote that aren’t part of a weekly meme. I mean, I like those two, without question, but those other kind of posts. So proud. 😊😊😊

Number 1 would be my recommendation post for spooky middlegrade books. It’s just the right time for it, so if you are still looking for those kind of books, don’t go any further.

Spooky MG recommendations //because it’s the right time for this

The second one is a discussion posts about all the things in the readersphere that I don’t quite understand. Hey, if you know anything about the reasons behind those things drop me a comment and enlighten me with your wisdom. If you don’t, let’s be clueless together. 🙂

Things in the readersphere that I just don’t quite understand

Okay, here something different still. At the beginning of the month I have made a new kind of post called A glimpse of September // monthly goals, readathons and co. There I have put in my goals for the month and here I will look if that actually worked.

Goal 1- Read as many books off the tbr as humanly possible

Did that work? I mean, kinda? Sky Song, Pages & Co., The Potion Diaries and Dragon Mountain were on my tbr. But then the other ones…weren’t. So I released at lease a few of them from the tbr but not as many as I hoped.

Goal 2- Read the BOTM for the Middle Grade Marvels booclub and stick to the sections

I read the book and made it through almost three sections without reading more. That’s good, right? I mean, it could have been worse. 😉

Goal 3– Read Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone as a buddy read

We did it! That one I totally finished and it was so much fun reading it together and discussing it.

At the beginning of the month I’m always so motivated. Why does that motivation never last the whole month?

Also, I’m really happy about fall. 😀

So, what have you been up to in September? Did you read some great books? Have you bought/borrowed something interesting? What are you looking forward to in October?

2 thoughts on “September Wrap-up // Do you remember? The 21th night of September?

    1. I have to say, I totally understand the appeal. The worldbuilding is great and it has lots of different and lovely characters. It got a little frustrating from time to time because nobody wants to tell Sophie (the mc) anything because she’s just a kid and that annoyed me. But it’s a superfast read and I would recommend you try it.
      I’m surely gonna continue the series. I found all the books on scribd, so I don’t have to buy them all, luckily. Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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