Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello, my peas! I was nominated by lovely Meeghan for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Yay! Thank you so fuch for that, love! ❤ Since I'm still stuck with a few reviews and read to many books at once at the moment, I will answer some questions now. The rules Thank the person who nominated you… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

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Review “The Hazel Wood”

I don't actually own this book even though you could think that I would because the blurb is right up my alley. Usually I would buy a book like this in an instant. But this copy is just a loan from my mother who got it as a going away present from her teaching assistant.… Continue reading Review “The Hazel Wood”


50 bookish questions tag (because I feel chatty today)

Hello, sweet peas! I picked this tag off Meeghan because I thought you might be interested to know some stuff about me. (Since the About me page is still lacking - oops.) I had fun answering all of those questions and if you want to answer them too, be my guest. Feel tagged. Or surrender… Continue reading 50 bookish questions tag (because I feel chatty today)


I’m gonna own it. (Get it?)

Hello, sweet peas! I'm doing something totally different this month. Well, not that different. But different for me. I'm gonna try this monthly TBR thing. I've also joined an online bookclub via Goodreads called "Of Wonderland bookclub" and it's so lovely. I can't wait to get started properly. Well, Kathy's OWNtober says the following: In… Continue reading I’m gonna own it. (Get it?)